StreamMyGame Brings PCs to PS3s

Picture%2018.pngWe told you about StreamMyGame a few months back. It's a free program that you can load onto Linux-based PS3s that allows you to stream games from your PC that's available now. "Impossible," you say? "The end of the world," you say? While the stability of the planet's gravitational pull is most certainly in question, the logic behind the software makes sense.

The key here is that the PS3 isn't actually rendering the video or audio. Instead, the base PC that's actually running the game creates all images and sounds, then converting them to a streaming content feed (like a movie or TV show, really).

Compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and DirectX 8-10, pending you have enough power on your PC, you could stream Crysis to your PS3. Apparently StreamMyGame supports resolutions up to Super HDTV (3200 x 2400), but that doesn't matter so much, since the PS3 peaks at 1080p output anyway...though it makes for a pretty sexy spec sheet.

The company also claims to be developing streaming for other platforms including Windows Mobile and Google's Android. If they can get the lag under control, it all sounds like gravy to us. Thick, creamy gravy. If you try the program out, hit me up with an email and let me know how it goes.

StreamMyGame launches Linux player, Play PC games on your PS3 [streamygame via maxconsole]


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