Street Fighter IV, Playable Soon

3253.jpgStreet Fighter IV isn't just ready for sexy, 2D meets 3D videos, but for real gamers to actually play. Project Manager Natsuki Shiozawa announced on his blog that SFIV will be playable (at some level) at the AOU 2008 Amusement Expo this February in Japan's Makuhari Messe. You know Makuhari Messe as the home of TGS, and there's little doubt that after the media day on Feb 15, fans will stand in crazy-absurd lines for a little Shoryuken action.

As for me, stuck in the cold, lonely Midwest, dreading the release of SFIV after getting pwnd in SFII by Gizmodo's Jason Chen last week. All these years I thought that Chun Li was invincible.
Street Fighter IV Going Playable [ign]


    I saw Slayer at Makahari Messe. Hooray for me!!

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