Stuntman, Juiced Cut Loose From THQ

It would appear that THQ has had its fill of Juiced and Stuntman, as the company announced today that it had decided "not to pursue" the pair of intellectual properties. Both driving games, one of which was acquired from then bankrupt Acclaim, the other from Atari, were part of a $US 27 million hit the publisher was expected to take as part of "quality initiatives". That charge also includes the nixing of other titles, some announced, some unannounced.

The latest Stuntman in the series, known as Stuntman: Ignition was singled out as one of the company's underperforming releases of 2007, alongside Ratatouille and Conan. Rest in peace, Stuntman and Juiced. We hardly knew ye (as we didn't play your games much).

THQ Updates Fiscal 2008 Outlook [THQ]


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