Super Mario Figurines, Brought To You By Kmart

dreamcoat_1.jpgIf you can find the time to duck into your local Kmart, or perhaps even walk into it, you’ll be in an excellent position to pick up one or more of these licensed vinyl Super Mario Bros. figurines.

According to the press release that Nick over at Gizmodo AU sent through, each figurine will set you back $6.99, or you can pick up the limited edition collector tins for $14.99 each.

The tins come in three combinations: Mario and Bob-omb (a photo of which is available after the jump); Luigi and Paragoomba; and Yoshi and Bullet Bill.

Apparently production is “strictly limited” so there’s only so many of these figurines to go round. If you’re a big fan, you’d best get a move on.dreamcoat_2.jpg

[Thanks Nick!]


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