Super Mario Galaxy at 80 MPH


You'd think with modern vehicles, especially the ones pre-loaded with built-in entertainment systems, it would be easy to play modern video games on the go. Unfortunately, I haven't been so lucky.

While planning our driving trip from Colorado to Georgia I just assumed it would be simple to plug a PS3, 360 or Wii into the van's ceiling-mounted DVD player. But when I tried the 360 and PS3 both just freaked out when I tried plugging them in to the heavy duty inverter I picked up for the van's back seat power outlet. The 360 nearly gave me a heart attack by flashing angry red rings at me and the PS3 just sat there, quietly refusing to power up at all. Dejected I plugged the Wii in and it popped to life immediately.

Once the power was sorted out, getting the Wii plugged into the drop-down screen was a breeze. Right next to that rear seat power plug is a set of component plugs, so I plugged the console in and then threaded the cords to let me set the Wii up in between the driver and front passenger seats.

No problem, until I tried using the Sensor Bar

Turns out that the drop down screen is just too close to the rear passenger seats to detect the remote, once you sit down and hold up your hand, the controller is just inches from the bar. After a little tinkering I discovered that the bar rests nicely between the arm rests of the front seat. To play you have to point about three feet below the television, but it works and you adjust surprisingly fast. I've got to say, it's pretty damn cool to play a new gaming system on the Interstate. I'll see i

I was able to play a bit of Super Mario Galaxy earlier today while my wife zoomed north through Georgia, but I've yet to let my son try it. The last thing we need is Trish getting a concussion from a flying-remote while dealing with Atlanta traffic. Instead I've made him stick to the classics, VC classics like Super Mario 64, Pokemon Snap and Donkey Kong.



    I thought this website was australian?


    you mean KPH

    Jeez, I remember when I was young the biggest problem was if I had enough AA batteries for my brick game boy on a road trip.

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