Super Smash Bros. Brawl Leaks Turn To Flood

ssbb_spoilers_leadin.jpgAs Super Smash Bros. Brawl die-hards are likely well aware, a bevy of spoiler-filled images have crept out onto the internet over the past 24 hours, revealing nearly the entirety of the Wii game's fighting roster and stages. Fan favorites and a few surprises have returned in the third Super Smash Bros. release, all of which we'll be talking about in this post. In the interest of not "spoiling" the experience for those who want to go in fresh, completely unaware of what unlockable characters and bosses will appear, look away now. It's about to turn into a spoiler frenzy.

The list of confirmed additions to the Super Smash Bros. Brawl fighting line-up starts after the jump. This is your last warning, spoiler freaks. Beyond here be plot dragons!

Given that we already learned that Ness, Lucario and Marth would be appearing in the roster through previous leaks, let's look at who's back and who's appearing for the first time.



Captain Falcon

Mr. Game & Watch

R.O.B. (aka Robot)



Link from Wind Waker (aka Toon Link)

The Character Select Screen

More updates as we get them! Thanks to the dozens of tipsters who sent these in.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Board [GameFAQS]
VGCats Photostream [Flickr]


    Wow ! I've been on the official website everyday and no news of more than half of these characters! This is a big surprise ! I wonder if all these characters are playable from day one of playing this ! What is the last square with japanese writing tho ???

    Is this really the whole roster.....or is it a few of the characters ????? Also why would nintendo show all of the roster off? hmmm.

    i want to believe this becus this is a good roster, but the official web of brawl said ness was out of it, plus, the clone characters (excluding luigi) were all supposedly gone, such as falco, marth, and ganondorf....and whyd they call jigglypuff purin and bowser koopa?

    Sonic 124>
    It's a 'leak', meaning it wasn't intended to happen.

    Actually, from what I've heard the characters that get announced on the website are the characters that you start off with...... Oh the last white square Means random..... I hope they have atleast 45 characters. Does anybody know how many characters there will end up being???? PLEASE TELL Me IF YOU DO

    @ Razza -
    If you look on today's (Wednesday's) update on the Dojo site, you'll see that there is an option to choose a random character. That button with the Japanese button will be for choosing a random fighter.

    Purin and King Koopa are Jigglypuff and Bowser's japanese names.

    Also: CEL LINK CEL LINK YAY *dies*

    whoa!!! this is actually rly cool!

    The one thing I'm a little confused about: Captain FAlcon never has to be earned in order to play as him. On the official Brawl site (, the game's creator - or one of them, I guess. Whoever it is that posts the posts there - showed the starting roster, and Captain Falcon was nowhere to be found. So... either Falcon was taken out, or they changed it around so that you have to earn both Falcon AND Ganondorf, who are pretty much the same characters. Not that I'm doubting this information, but to me, this seems a little... fishy, one might say?

    Yes this was a leak and there are 35 characters so far

    You guys are so ignorant, this game came out in Japan, its real.

    Captain Falcon had to be earned in the original SSB.
    To address the clone issue, they must have given these characters their own set of moves.

    That is a real roster and the last block says Random and there is one more character named wolf from star fox that is the only missing person from that roster

    so everyone knows!!!
    C Falcon hasn't changed much at all.
    in addition to that roster up there, another
    character is in. a fox character.......
    ... :o
    Alright! its starwolf!
    a.k.a. Wolf.
    Falco is totally different this time, not a clone of Fox.
    Purin is Jigglypuffs Jap name,
    Koopa is bowsers Jap name.
    There is approx 36 characters known.
    C.Falcon And ganondorf will be a bit different this time... (mwahahaha)

    actually the japenese version of the game was realeased in japan and so this is the japenese version of the character selest screen(which is why some of the names are different)
    also to answer ur question razza it means "random"

    also this doesnt appear on the us version of the site becuase of the fact that he doesnt want to give away the surprises till close to realease date but didnt anticiapte the wide range the internet has to spoil all the surprises for the people in america waiting so anxiously for the gaame

    The game has been released in Japan. This is the REAL THING. The last thing in Japanese is RANDOM. This is the real roster. POINT FINAL

    This is real it just hasent come out at dojo site because they don't want to spoile everything before we buy it.

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