Target’s $779 PS3 Bundle Includes Extra Controller, One Game [Updated]

Target’s $779 PS3 Bundle Includes Extra Controller, One Game [Updated]

ps3_deal.jpgUpdate: We’ve tracked down the correct image and it looks like it’s a choice of either game, not both. So not as good a deal sadly. Thanks to the helpful readers who pointed this out.

If you’re in the market for a Playstation 3, tipster Brendan recommends you check out Target. As you can deduce from the image above, the retail chain is offering the console with a bonus controller and copies of Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword for the slightly mad sum of $779.

Now, if Target was bundling Lair and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, I’d be vomiting uncontrollably right now, but Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword are quality titles you’d most likely pick up anyway. Considering the 40GB PS3 is priced at ~$650, the controller ~$70 and the games ~$100 each, the value is very strong in this one.

[Thanks Brendan!]


  • According to target’s online catalogue, you’ve got it wrong. You get a choice of ONE of the two games.

    Myer have the same deal, but it’s $9 more – however they’re also offering Uncharted

  • No. Its Heavenly Sword OR Ratchet and Clank. The above image has been slightly doctored. I have the original catalogue here and it clearly states this.

    Also, this is not a Target Exclusive deal, it is an SCE deal.

  • Guys, just so you know, I have the catalogue and it says your choice of either game. So you only get one game out of the two pictured.

  • This article is slightly incorrect. You do not get both games, instead you get to choose one of them only. The text from the offer has been removed but can be clearly read in the Target catalogue. Still good value, but you only get one game.

  • It’s not both games unfortunately. From Target’s catalogue caption: “40GB. Including one extra Sony wireless SIXAXIS controller, choice of one pictured game. Heavenly Sword or Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction”

  • i work at target part time while i study, and as good as that ad is its too good to be true, in reality you get a choice of ONE of the pictured games (the bit that says that has been cut from your picture). check the catalogue at, its only one game not both!

  • that is overpriced for the american market.
    I dont know how much the ps3 40G is going for in AU but here in the states its going for $399.99 US and a controller is going for $49.99 US and each game brand new is going for $59.99 US

    Do the math and you will see that overpriced for this market by a long shot. I dont know the currency conversion but if that is a good deal for the AU market then i should start a business shipping this bundle there for that price year round and keeping profit.

  • I don’t know wether to laugh or cry at Australian PS3 pricing. It’s utterly disgraceful this is considered “good” value…

  • The store Game has an offer similar i saw today
    its $799
    choice of
    R&C Heavenly sword, Uncharted or NBA 08
    plus another controller, honestly i kinda
    thought that was a nice deal, spesh with uncharted!

  • Stupid, how the hell Australia got this price man?
    I will never get them in Australia….

    Everything in Australia is DAMN expensive.


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