Team Fortress 2 Changes A' Comin'

medic_tf2.jpgLoose dates and details have dripped out of Valve on the two new Team Fortress 2 maps—one of which is a Badlands remake—we learned about last month, according to report from Shacknews, as has more info on changes to the Medic class. As fans of the team-based FPS may be aware, the healer is the first to get a slew of achievements. What we didn't know before was that Valve is apparently planning what Shacknews calls "a significant gameplay tweak for the class." Hopefully, that means more than an ammo count for the syringe gun, but we'll try to calm ourselves before we get too excited.

New TF2 Maps, Achievements and 'Large Scale' Gameplay Shift Within 2 Months [Shacknews]


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