Team Ico Teases Next Project

teamicoart.jpgWhat exactly are we looking at here? Good question. Sony Japan just updated the career's page for Team Ico, replacing the old sketches on the page with the image you see above. Unfortunately our Japanese speaking and reading contingent is currently asleep, so I cannot tell you what the page actually says. One day I will learn Japanese, I promise. In the meantime, the folks at Team Ico Gamers - who I can only assume sit and refresh this page all day long - are claiming it's the first screenshot of Ico 3. Looks a little more concept artish to me, but I cannot deny that is certainly something new on a page dedicated to the team that created two of my personal favorite video games of all time, so gaze upon it in wonder.

Team Ico Career Page [Sony Japan via Team Ico Gamers]


    Ah shit, they're gonna make me buy a ps3 for this...dammit!

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