The Price of Making a Real Gundam

medium84528400376b2f302jb6.jpg What's bigger than Gundam? The cost to make one. A real one. Science Portal, a site run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency, figured the price tag of a real Gundam would be around $US 725 for parts and materials alone. That does not include the labor costs incurred in constructing the 60 foot tall, 43.7 metric ton robot. A breakdown of parts looks something like this:

Aluminum alloy (honeycomb) $US 79,000,000
(+ Metal manufacturing/processing) $US 240,000,000
Main computer (IBM) $US 1,550,000
Gas turbine engines (GE) $US 364,000,000
Superconductive motors (IHI) $US 7,800,000
Motor drivers $US 7,800,000
Reducers $US 22,800,000
Sensors $US 910,000
Cockpit $US 450,000
TOTAL: $US 724,310,000

Pricey! And even after that, the only thing this Gundam could do is walk — though, doing so would probably destruct the ground below it.
Building Real Gundam [Pink Tentacle][Pic]


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