The Cross Dressing Akihabara Maid Cafe

notafemalemaid.jpg We have one rule about non-game related maid content: POST. (Indulge us, it's late and After Dark!) That picture you are looking at? That's a dude. No, really. That's a maid at Akihabara maid cafe Hibaritei, where the entire staff consists of men dressed as maids. The cafe opens only a few times a month at irregular times at other established maid cafes. The reason? All the cross dressing maids are dudes with other jobs (one guy is a writer, another is a model). The owner of Hibaritei came up with the idea when some men dressed in drag when there was a shortage of female maids at a cafe he owned previously. This is the maid cafe equivalent of Guilty Gear's Bridget!
Men Maids [Sankei via Canned Dogs]


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