The Eye of Judgment: The Furniture of Sanity

eoj_table.jpgCloth maps used to be a pretty big deal, back when Ultima IV was packing them in, thwarting Xerox machines everywhere. In the case of The Eye of Judgment, however, they tend to be more a source of frustration than of nerdy shouts of "Cool!". Reader Matt had it up to here (see forehead) with the included fabric play mat, easily bumped camera and need for constant lighting, so he built a custom EOJ table for himself and his sons to use when playing the PlayStation 3 collectible card game.

As fans of the PlayStation Eye title will note, who have probably played the man who goes by the handle Havok, the layout of the wooden play area is aesthetically in-keeping with the game's logo. Throw a couple beverage holders on the side and you've got a retail ready product.

Good work and smart thinkin', Matt. Thanks for the tip.


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