The Live Outage Poll

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Conflicting reports of Xbox Live outages continue to roll in to Kotaku Tower and now that Larry Hryb has been officially and legally muzzled there’s no way to tell what’s going on or how the fix is coming. Which is odd, you’d think they could at least update their subscribers about the issues without legal ramifications. Then again, I’m no lawyer. In lieu of official comment, the next best thing is to go to the users of Live to see if they too are still experiencing issues.

Hit the jump to vote on our very unofficial poll.

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  • Well I spoke to a nice Indian call centre yesterday where they apologised profusely and said I would be “really pumped” when I got my new full version of an arcade game( did some people think they were only getting a free demo for free?) that I would have to “wait to see to believe”
    They also expressed that the problem was indeed still ongoing and work was being done as we spoke. They declined to advise when the issue would be resolved but asked me to keep an eye on their official site.
    Now I may just be a conspiracy theory nut but they shut down the aussie forums on soon after Christmas when the fiasco hit its peak and I have still been unable to access them for 15 days, I did send a blast to everyone on my friends list and found about 30% of my friends are still unable to play any sort of multiplayer in a workable way. Most of those still affected are Aussies but not all.
    So yes I know suing M$ appears a bit extreme, but maybe if they fixed the problem there would not be a case to answer. We all accept outages in service, power fails, telephones go out, mobile satellites crash from the sky. But when was the last time your cable tv was off for three weeks? Or your electricity? Or any service for that matter?

    The point is M$ has not paid enough attention to this issue and has been blithe in its response, maybe suing them is the only thing M$ pays any attention to anymore? Personally I hope M$ learns that what happened was unacceptable and doesn’t let it happen again

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