The Long, Cruel Wait For Boogie Bunnies Is Finally Over

boogie_bunnies_xbla.jpgRez HD? Whatever! Ikaruga? *yawn* You lost us at "Ikaruga." What we've been slobbering over lately is the idea of Xbox Live Arcade combined with funky bunny dances and the puzzles required to trigger them. That's why we're so pleased to learn that Boogie Bunnies is our surprise XBLA game of the week. Surprise! The Sierra Online-published, Artech Studios-developed puzzler requires the standard three-in-a-row color arrangement system, but instead of gems or blocks, you get bunnies. There's apparently some boogieing going on as well, keep that in mind. 800 Microsoft Points will do the trick when Boogie Bunnies is released this Wednesday.

Boogie Bunnies []


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