The Metal Gear Solid Drinking Game

mgsscreen.jpg From the hallowed halls of Sexy Videogameland comes the SVGL Official Metal Gear Solid drinking game (remember kids, you have to be 21 and over to play, at least in the US). Inspired by Polybius' Final Fantasy X-2 drinking game, Leigh Alexander has her own take featuring the world of MGS, and the cost of entry is pretty low:

You will need: A copious portion of American beer. A bottle of Russian vodka, well chilled. Six pack of Red Bull, probably sugarless, since you don't want to get sick. Some good, coarse salt. Either lemon juice, lime juice or sour mix. Calorie-Mate. Or something edible, to keep your stomach steady.

Ready to kill your liver? You can find the full (and funny) rules over at SVGL's Official Metal Gear Solid Drinking Game.


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