The Nerf Gun Lancer Mod

gunmod.jpg NerfHaven forum poster Forsaken_angel24 has taken his love of All things Nerf and Gears of War to a new level. Using a Nerf rifle and a toy chainsaw from Home Depot, Forsaken_angel24 was able to cobble together a reasonable and realistic looking copy of Gears of War's most infamous weapon, the Lancer. If you are interested in making one of your own, he gives full instructions in a posting on the NerfHaven forums.

I didn't even know they made Nerf guns like the one he used as a base. And parents are worried about the Wii Zapper?


    Isn't that real nice.
    Have fun chopping heads.
    And they thought Locust had become monsters,so had the guns. 0_o

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