The Rumour Returns - MGS4 On The 360

hnymgs.jpgXboxFamily today reports that they have received word directly from a Konami distribution representative that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360 has been in development since early last year, with a release slated for 12-14 months after the PlayStation 3 version of the highly anticipated game. XboxFamily's Freeze felt so confident in his sources that he emailed Microsoft's John Porcaro for verification, receiving back a rather lengthy reply that touches on the more salient points of posting rumours before eventually devolving into a standard "no comment."

This of course is probably one of the most highly debated rumors of the past year, now spilling over into 2008, and while we'd generally take it with a grain of salt, we've heard rumblings over the past few months that lend support to the notion that Solid Snake's epic could eventually see the light of day on the 360.

The main problem is that our sources are somewhat conflicted. One indicates that Konami has returned money paid to it by Sony to secure the title's exclusivity on the PlayStation 3, while other sources tell us that money never actually changed hands, and that the exclusive nature of the title was merely a matter of support for the relationship the two companies share.

At this point of course there really isn't enough information to jump to a solid conclusion, but if I were a magic 8 ball right now, I wouldn't have hands to type with and you wouldn't be reading any of this. I'd just sit quietly on my desk in front of my keyboard with a little 'Signs Point To Yes' floating in and out of view on top of my head.

Feel free to maul each other in the comments section, and Happy New Year! I'm going back to bed.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Coming to Xbox 360


    I highly doubt the game will go to xbox
    they have had a rediculous time to announce it...
    why would they not just confirm it?
    Sony has made metal gear what it is.

    That would be a fair stab in the back by kojima

    Also metal gear solid 4 and metal gear online are now likely to ship as one game on a single blue ray...

    good luck compressing 25 gigs into 8.5 haha

    I doubt anyone buy hardcore Sony fans even care anymore. As for it coming out a year after the ps3 version? Sounds like the Subsistence version of the game.

    I sure hope so. MGS4 looks awesome and I already have an Xbox 360.

    Ha Welcome to the new year... Lets start off with a massive rumour. You just have to love XboxFamily they always find a way to brighten a boring working day.

    Like the FinalFantasy crew stabbed Sony in the back???

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