The SNES Was The Best Console EVAR

SNES.jpgCNET just published a story by Don Reisinger claiming that the Super Nintendo was the greatest console of all time. He argues that the console was the ultimate successor, "a follow-up that was worthy of the 'Super' moniker and gave developers the license they needed to create the legendary titles that we still play today." Personally, I'd agree with his casually argued logic—there's a reason I'm anxious to port Super Mario World to every device on the planet but bored by the thought of playing PSOne games on the PSP. Of course, this is all just one man's opinion and many of you won't agree. So go ahead and vote below before elaborating in the comments.

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The SNES is the greatest console of all time [cnet]


    Just to be different :

    I vote no.

    Amiga made a much better console :)

    The only good games were made by Nintendo. All the 3rd party games were slow, boring and choppy.

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