The Super Bowl Halftime Show We Want To See

tompettywiigh.jpgThe Serious Sports News Network has just revealed that rock superstar Tom Petty will avoid the normal, overproduced Super Bowl stage show, instead opting to take on "Through the Fire and Flames" on his Nintendo Wii.

"I just figured, why waste all that time? Why make everyone sit through an insufferable halftime show again?" said Petty, who is very excited about the game between the Giants and Patriots. "Instead, I'm just going to bitch DragonForce on 'expert,' which should be enough show for everyone."

Of course this isn't real news, but for just a brief, shining moment our collective hearts soared, our minds reeling with the heady possibilities. I actually dropped this link on several of the Kotaku staff, who were absolutely crushed when I told them it was fake. Wilson was almost in tears as he said, "Thanks for shattering our lifelong dreams that we just realised we had." *sniffle*

Petty to just play Guitar Hero III for Super Bowl halftime [Serious Sports News Network]


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