The Wonderful End Of The World

wonderfulend.jpgIf you're looking for a lovely way to look busy on a lazy Friday afternoon, then independent developer Dejobaan Games has got just the thing. They've just released their latest title, The Wonderful End of the World, which casts you as a super absorbent puppet tasked with collecting as much of the world as you can before it is eaten by "mythological demon with the head of a fish." It plays a lot like Katamari Damacy - in fact, the first level of the two-level demo had me ready to dismiss it as a throwaway clone - but then I got to level 2 and fell in love. Set in a video game world, the second level starts you off in a game of Pong, which is set within a game of Pac-Man, which is set within a game of Centipede, with Tetris blocks and Tron light cycles running about and Space Invaders descending overhead. I swoon! It's PC Katamari Damacy on crack, all for $US 19.95. Hit the link below to give the game a go!

The Wonderful End Of The World [Dejobaan Games]


    I know this is two years late, but I just got the game: No, this is not Katamari on crack. Katamari is Katamari on crack.

      *Three years, d-derp.

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