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It has been quite a year both in gaming and here at Kotaku. We've grown by leaps and/or bounds and grown both as a news gathering site and a community. Last week I posted a list of the most commented stories on Kotaku, today I bring you the most read stories on the site. Not surprisingly there are some parallels, even less surprisingly the number two spot was owned by two women playing Wii Sports Topless. Classy.

1. Minesweeper: The Movie
2. Wii, Ladies, No Shirts
3. New WoW Ads Recruit Mr. T and Shatner
4. Sony Blackballs Kotaku (UPDATED)
5. Watch 3000 Barrels Fall Down In Crysis

Hit the jump for the rest of the top... 21?

6. Super Mario Bros. Tesla Coil
7. Gamespot Editor Fired Over Kane & Lynch Review?
8. Gaming Tattoo Gone Wrong
9. Breaking: IDIOT Thompson Blames Va Shooting on Games
10. World of Warcraft Meets South Park: The Complete Episode
11. GDC07 Clip: The PS3's Home
12. ESRB Comments on Halo 2's Naked Ass
13. PSP Slim Details Revealed
14. Clips: Sexy Beach 3 Gameplay
15. Final Fantasy's Tifa In Porn Manga Mondo
16. Clip: Zelda: Heart For The Hero
17. Rumor: Halo 4 Confirmed
18. Life, Death And Animal Crossing
19. Sony and Kotaku Make-Up
20. HowTo Wear Your Halo Helmet
21. Cruis'n Is The Worst-Looking Wii Game Ever


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