Third Party Games For Wii Will Take Off Like DS

Third Party Games For Wii Will Take Off Like DS
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26609-large.jpgWhether or not you have problems with the Nintendo Wii’s graphical prowess or its real world Wiimote functionality, a system is only as good as its titles. And the third party titles that we’ve seen so far on the Wii have been a disappointment. Luckily, Nintendo realises that third party support is an issue, and addressed the topic during their third quarter report:

If you look at the data for our third quarter you’ll see that, out of the 14 Wii titles that shipped over a million units, 11 of those were our titles. However, if you look at the 50 titles that shipped over a million units on DS, only 28 of those are ours.

They continue:

We identified the same thing in the DS’ first period, and the situation continues to change little by little. For the Wii too, we believe that as time passes, the proportion of high-selling titles that come from our licensees will increase.

And there’s not much of a reason to disagree with Nintendo’s assessment. Like the DS, the Wii is inexpensive to develop games for and its install base grows better by the minute.

The only catch may be that programming for the Wiimote has proven trickier than programming for a stylus. So the quality control that has limited third party Wii game popularity thus far may not be solvable just by this new onslaught of titles shipping.
Nintendo responds to third parties’ concerns [Develop via MCV]

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