"Third Party Wii Games Aren't Selling"

thumb463x_2007-12-07-411tp.jpg No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda says third party Wii games aren't selling. He should know! Even though it faired well critically, nobody in Japan bought his game. (Well, not nobody.) What does Suda think of developing for the Wii? This:

Whilst the sales weren't as high as I hoped, other titles for Wii aren't selling so well either. Only Nintendo titles are doing well. This isn't just because of the current situation in Japan, as this is happening outside Japan... Actually I was very surprised about the reality about Wii, because before I was making this game, I wasn't expecting that Wii would be a console targeted only for non-gamers. I expected more games for hardcore gamers. The reality is different to what I expected.

Does that means the No More Heroes sequel will be on a "hardcore" consoles — say, the Xbox 360 or PS3?

Third Party Wii Games Aren't Selling [CVG via Games Radar]


    It's a very difficult subject to comment on in Australia. To date we have shovelware or Nintendo - tough choice.

    Few quality 3rd party games are available here, Mercury Madness / RE4, but i would have to say that most peaple already own these games for their PS2 or Cube. Raving Rabbids sold pretty well though.

    To date I cannot buy Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, MOH Heroes2. I cannot find a copy of Star Wars Lego or Tomb Raider - Ann (Where are these games), but i can buy so much shovelware it makes me want to sell the Wii and play roulette with the red rings of death.

    I hate Mario, but if the other option is the Ninjabreadmam......Galaxy is lookin pretty good.

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