This Is What The PS3 Can Do To Your Brain

brain.jpgIBM and The Mayo Clinic have teamed up to open a research facility, which they hope will bring about advances in the field of medical imaging, and in particular to things like CT scans. At present, it can take a doctor hours to look over a set of scans, which in some cases can endanger a patient's life. It's hoped that by using the PS3's Cell chip they can not only create 3D images of a patient's brain much faster, they can also then compare those to earlier 3D images in only minutes, a feat which once took hours. Pretty neat, considering the Cell was built to, you know. Play games. The Mayo Clinic's chairman Bradley Erickson says this is not the first time games tech has been used to aid medical science. In addition to their current research using the Cell chip, Erickson says that "other games technology", including high-end graphics cards, are often used in medicine, particularly in the field of imaging.
IBM, Mayo Clinic team up to improve medical imaging [Computerworld, via io9]


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