Three Vibe Hands-On With Rez HD

Three Vibe Hands-On With Rez HD
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rezhdbrown.jpg A few days ago I headed to downtown San Francisco to meet up with the Tetsuya Mizuguchi and the folks from Q Entertainment as they did their final push for Rez HD before it officially hits XBLA this coming Wednesday. I was ushered into a hotel room and seated on a comfy couch in front of a nice big screen displaying the familiar beats and graphics of Rez. The next thing I knew I was being handed three different controllers: one was placed behind my back, one on the floor under my feet and the third in my hands to control the game. This, I was told, was “the Miz way” to play. As it turned out, the Miz way was the way to go.

They fired up the game, I chose my level and as soon as it started I could feel the first pulses of vibration at the small of my back, at my feet and in my hands. As the level progressed the vibration became more intense and the controllers did not always vibrate in tandem, sometimes they ping-ponged back and forth creating a unique sensation. Having only played the Dreamcast version and not being among the small number of people to have actually gotten a hold of a trance vibrator, I had no idea how immersive having all that extra vibration could be. If you have played Rez before and were on the fence about getting Rez HD, the multiple controller vibration (it can support up to four) should be enough to push you over the side.

When we saw the game demoed in Tokyo last year, they were still undecided on how they would incorporate the vibration into the game. One thing they didn’t want to have to do was design a new peripheral, so they needed to come up with something else as Mizuguchi explains…

In this game, the vibration is really important. The mix of sound, music and vibration is like a chemistry. I didn’t just want to have controller vibration, I wanted to do the Trance Vibration again and that kind of thing is difficult to reproduce. So one day, one of the game designers came up with the idea of the multiple controller vibration since most people have more than one 360 controller. We all thought it was a really fantastic idea.

Since the announcement that the PS3 controllers would once again feature rumble, I asked is they had considered bringing Rez HD to the PSN Store as well and Mizuguchi said that yes, it is definitley something they would like to do and have considered. So if all goes well, PS3 owners could well see Rez HD arriving on their consoles in the near future. For 360 owners just a few more days and you’ll be playing Rez HD in all its vibrating glory. Remember, one controller at the small of your back, one at your feet and one in your hands, that’s the Miz way. As to where you put that fourth, that is entirely up to you, just remember to wipe it off when your done.

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