Tim Schafer Mystified By Uncharted's Shirt Tech

uncharted_drakes_shirt.jpgDouble Fine Productions founder and funny man Tim Schafer isn't so much a fan of Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune as he is the next-gen thermal shirt that protagonist Nathan Drake wears throughout. The Psychonauts creator compares the PlayStation 3 title's heretofore ignored technological marvel that is a casually dirty, half-tucked shirt to "an unfinished symphony". He heaps praise upon the adventure game's clothing choices and lauds a poly-cotton top that speaks volumes about its wearer.

He writes of Drake's shirt "Jet skiing, swimming, and almost kissing—nothing can dislodge or fully tuck Drake's half-casual shirt. It is draped in a purgatory state, half in, half out, never completely free". A bold an fascinating analysis from a visionary mind that anyone who has even a passing interest in video game fashion should read. Compelling stuff.

Half-tuck is the new Mullett [Double Fine]


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