TN Games Brings Real Head Trauma Fun To PC Shooters

TN Games Brings Real Head Trauma Fun To PC Shooters
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tn_games_helmet_vest.jpgApparently, many of you have been demanding a “full body experience” and want to beaten about the head and shoulders by bladders filled with compressed air. At least, that’s what I’ve been led to believe by the folks at TN Games, who were showing off their 3rd Space HXT Gear, which consists of a force feedback vest and helmet. You can most likely gather that the helmet excels at developing perfect helmet hair, effectively blinding hippie/emo/dirtball types, but what’s not apparent in photos is that the device simulates 360 degrees of harsh noogies more accurately than any other force feedback helmet I’ve ever worn.

The HXT set up did make for a fun little diversion, as that goofball smile on my face wasn’t forced. The sensation of getting shot in the head without actually giving up brain matter is oddly exhilarating, if at times uncomfortable for the skull. The vest feedback wasn’t as jarring and the TN Games team said they were planning on less intense “force cell” hardware for the final helmet, for those worried about too much cranial abuse.

It currently works with two titles, Call of Duty 2 and the company’s own Incursion—which is not so good—but they’re planning for support in a bunch of shooters, including Half-Life, Doom and Quake titles.

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