Two For One Special On Stupid Game Crimes

matchburn.jpgWhile most of the gaming world focuses on CES, Game Politics patrols the streets, keeping an eye open for video game related crime. Today they've uncovered not one but two different recent criminal outings blamed the influence of gaming violence.

First we have Gaston County North Carolina, where three 19 year-olds went on an arson spree, setting fire to eight cars and one vacant home before the police finally stopped the madness. The reason behind the suspects' burning ambitions? Postal 2. No really, Postal 2.

Police say three Gaston County teens—Sean Jones, David Ellington and Paul Jarrell charged with setting eight cars and one vacant home on fire—got the idea from a video game, "Postal 2".

Personally I am hoping this was some sort of typo, and what they meant to say was, "got the idea after being forced to play through Postal 2", as I can definitely see that being the logical result of such trauma.

Then a bit closer to (my) home, we have the Lafayette, Georgia arson at a water-sewage treatment plant. Police are saying that the suspects in the case - two 15 year-old boys - are linked to "a group of teens emulating the violent images portrayed in the movie "Fight Club" and a video game, "Tony Hawk's Underground 2". I know what you are thinking. It was only a matter of time before THUG2 made somebody crack.

In the video game, the mission is to complete what is called a "destruction tour." Characters are rewarded bonuses for destroying or stealing objects. The emphasis of the game is depicted as the more destruction created by the player, the more points he will accumulate.

Like Game Politics, I cannot seem to recall their being arson involved in Tony Hawk's Underground 2, but then again I wasn't really paying all that much attention.

All I can do here is breath a heavy sigh and point towards the geographic area of the United States map these two crimes took place in. We sure grow 'em stupid down here in the South, don't we?

Blame Game: Cops Finger Video Games in Separate Incidents [Game Politics]


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