Ubisoft Knows All The Lost Secrets

1097400304_sktoplocke.jpg I like Lost. The wife and I rent the DVDs (she needs subtitles) and watch 'em together. As Stephen Totilo at MTV Multiplayer pointed out, if you don't like Lost, you probably won't be interested in this post. MTV sat down with Ubisoft to check out upcoming Lost game adaptation Lost: Via Domus, which the game's co-writer Kevin Shortt walked Totilo through. Lost, of course, is famous for its mysterious WTF plotline. In making this game, Shortt became privy to that. He says:

They did send us some very specific guidelines. Here's what the black smoke does. Here's some information on the Black Rock... They were very specific about how far we could go and what we could say about it. That was one where they were very, very specific: 'It does this. It does this.' Or they wouldn't say it does 'this' or 'this.'

Sucks for Shortt. I kinda wouldn't want to know how Lost ends. Spoils the fun, no?
Lost Game [MTV Multiplayer][Pic]


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