Ubisoft Makes Money, Plans More Prince of Persia

prince_of_persia_next_gen.jpgFrench publisher Ubisoft was rather pleased with itself for its performance for the previous quarter, raking in some $US 650 million in revenue on strong sales of Assassin's Creed and some Petz or Babyz nonsense. Whatever the cause, champagne corks were popping on news that sales were up some 44% over the same quarter the previous year. Good news for those at Ubi, but maybe not for someone looking to acquire the company.

The only bad news? Haze was pushed back. Again. Prince of Persia fans, however, have something to look forward to.

The financial results from Ubi reveal that the publisher has yet another Prince of Persia game officially in the works, planned for fiscal year 2008-09. We've heard about it before, though, as rumours of a Prince of Persia: Ghosts of the Past arrived later last year alongside supposed screen shots.

It should really be no surprise that Ubi is banking on another Prince game—it's been two years since the last console release, after all. Plus, there's a movie coming that will "synergise" nicely. We're just assuming that whatever the publisher has planned for the series, it's coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Maybe even the Wii. And PC. Possibly the PSP and Nintendo DS. Some calculator watches....

Ubisoft Reports 2007-08 Third Quarter Results (PDF) [Ubisoft]


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