Ultima VI, Remade In Dungeon Siege

Ultima VI, Remade In Dungeon Siege

u6project.jpgPerhaps the best known fan-made Ultima project is Exult. The Exult team took apart Ultima VII‘s game files, wrote an entirely new engine to read the data, and made it compatible with a range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.

They even managed to revamp the graphics, and it’s by far the best way to relive one’s memories of the game. (Or, if you’ve never played Ultima VII, experience the best title in the Ultima series).

If you’re looking for something with a more modern look, then the Ultima 6 Project will pique your interest. Rather than deconstruct Ultima VI and rebuild it, Ultima 6 Project is a massive total conversion for Gas Powered Games Dungeon Siege. RPGWatch has an interview up with Jesse Strachman, the project’s co-lead producer:

RPGWatch: What most still impresses you about the game?

JS: The sheer scope of what we’re trying to do is just amazing. We look at the original Dungeon Siege game, and then we look at our own maps and all the dungeons, and I think our world is like 25 times the size or something absurd like that. It’s just so vast. Even with what little we’ve done so far, you still have probably, what, 30-50 hours of playtime? Every time I sit down to furnish another house and define another NPC’s schedule, I just have to stop and think, wow. I have to do this another 300 times before we’re done. Now that’s impressive.

While milestone builds are available to download and play (the latest being the 375MB Milestone 4), Strachman believes the whole shebang won’t be complete until late 2009.

I couldn’t find any information regarding multiplayer options, but Dungeon Siege has ample support, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it made it into the final mod.

You can check out the rest of the interview over at RPGWatch, or visit the official site.

U6 Project Interview [RPGWatch, via GGMania]


  • Ahh Ultima, how you ruled my childhood. If it wasn’t Origin games doing it, it was Civilization. Jerks, how dare you make me learn about history and puzzle-solving and thinking for myself.

    Games nowadays have little to no educational or mind-building qualities.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some kids on my lawn that i don’t like the look of.

  • I never played any ultima lev arris, what should I expect if I pick this up? I’m also a product of the civilization series I sware that its by far the greatest playable educational game of all time.

  • TRUNK3H:

    Hmm, Ultima’s are pretty much story-driven rpg games with lots of hack and slash, and exploration, lots of exploration. If you are crazy enough you can spend a month maybe exploring every single house, in every town, just to collect all the items you can find.

    Isometric top-down view of the world. Run about with your companions fighting of beasties and following storyline.

    No journal to keep a track of your progress, you need a pad and pen near the computer to remember who you need to find next to progress the story. You have to go find places by yourself, and read road signs and such. Or use the cloth map that came with the game. Yes a proper cloth map, not carboard, or weak material like Neverwinter Nights 2 map is made of.

    Initially when I played Oblivion, I did compare it to Ultima 7 a lot. It’s has a similar idea, it’s just a very pale copy of it.

    Ultima 7 would probably be the best game in the series to start with, in terms of getting into the world of Britannia. It’s a new story arc, and it doesn’t take long to get into it. It has a great storyline to boot. I guess it just comes down to how willing you are to get it to work on current technology, it can take a bit of fooling around to get it to work.

    I think the Ultima’s embody what was great about old school games. It wasn’t dumbed down, you had to figure stuff out for yourself. There wasn’t someone helping you along, giving you hints on where places were, or providing you with quest markers. You killed monsters because you wanted to, not just to kill 10 of them to get some mad xp from an npc. It was a giant free-roaming sandbox.

    I’m going to load this remake of U6 up tonight probably, and i’ll see how it compares to my childhood memories.

    Crazy rant over.

  • Lev Arris: This release of the Ultima 6 project features a journal and quest log. Bear in mind that is a milestone release, not final, so several things are still WIP. There’s a fair stack of gameplay in M4, even so.

    Note that this is the second ultima remake using the Dungeon Siege engine. Ultima V: Lazarus (www.u5lazarus.com), a remake of U5:WOD was released a while back, and did pretty well, and we’ve just released the German version…

    Disclaimer: work(ed/ing) on both remakes.

  • totally great! i wish team archon would be able to finish the remake somehow, as did team lazarus. it reminds me of my home-bound childhood days. it’s what i think the few good things worth remembering in my life, and these people are just bringing them to life again. God bless them

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