Universal No Longer HD-DVD Exclusive Bound

hd_dvd_bailout.jpgIs this the final death blow for HD-DVD? Variety is reporting that Universal Studios will follow Warner Bros., New Line and possibly Paramount toward the cooling blue light of Blu-ray allegiance, as the studio's commitment to supporting HD-DVD exclusively has ended. That doesn't necessarily mean that Universal is abandoning the HD-DVD format as Warner plans to, however, as Variety writes that the company still has plans to support the Toshiba backed hi-def discs.

Though HD-DVD backers may still limp along in their support or fanboyism of a movie format, this "war" couldn't look any more like one camp has won at this point. It's all over but the crying, blanket clutching and Michael Bay gloating, it seems.

Blu-ray could win high-def battle [Variety]


    I've seen this article about Universal and Paramount switching sides in the Hi Def war so many times in the last few days it could only mean one thing - Variety has been paid by Sony or proponents of Sony are desperate they'll spew forth any propaganda they can think of.

    One thing the experts have right and that is that this Hi Def war will be decided by the consumer and not some company still lamenting the loss of their marketshare in the personal audio market to Apple and trying ever so had to corner the DVD market by forcing consumers to opt for a higher priced format thereby ultimately making the choice for them.

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