UT3 Is Ready For 360, No It's Not

This page article a German gaming magazine (can anyone name it?) claims that the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is 90% finished, and that it will be released around April 2008. However, Epic's Mark Rein quickly addressed the article to clarify that Epic had not set a release date (which is believable, since UT3 PS3's release wasn't solid until the last possible moment) and that as of right now, their focus is to release the PS3 European version of UT3.

Who out there has been playing a lot of UT3? And is anyone eagerly awaiting the 360 version? Do you still care about the franchise?

Mark Rein: We don't have a solid release date for UT 3 on Xbox 360 [maxconsole]


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