Uwe Boll Explains Why You Should See His Movie Today

Uwe Boll Explains Why You Should See His Movie Today
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Uwe Boll’s In the Name of the King opens today at theaters nationwide, so this serves as both a warning and a reminder… oh, and a plea straight from Uwe Boll himself.

The famously bad director emailed website Boll Bashers to explain why it’s important for you to go see his movie. Among his reasons? Ice Cube’s movie First Sunday is a “piece of shit”.

We have a better movie and a bigger movie with a better script, better cast and we proved in europe that our movie has the power to stay 3 weeks in the TOP TEN and that we can get at least 50% good reviews. FIRST SUNDAY is a direct to DVD title in europe but in USA Sony puts 40 mill. $ in advertising to win that weekend. And this is completly absurd.

Ah Uwe, maybe you should give up directing and take your show on the road. I know I’d pay $US 5 to watch you on stage rant about the man and how he’s to blame for your abysmal movies.

Uwe Boll: why people should go see In The Name Of The King [Boll Bashers]

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