Vader & Yoda's New SCIV Trailer


    *sheds a tear* I don't think my respect is left in pieces big enough to pick up again.

    I can't entirely fathom why a decision would be made to place two characters like Vader and Yoda in to a setting like that, ruins the whole game for me, when I had moderate hopes for it.

    Wait, did I just see Yoda and Darth Vader being introduced into a Soul Calibur game? That just doesn't make a lick of sense.

    With the last generation ports the guest characters made sense since the characters are pretty well known with their corresponding consoles (except spawn, but I can't remember if the xbox had any "mascots" for the console at the time) and I thought that was alright since you actually had to make a choice on which one to purchase if you had more then 1 console (I got the gamecube one for Link).

    Really though, couldn't they have tried to get characters that are actually associated with the consoles?

    Yoda and Vader would be the only reason for me to buy SCIV, much like Link was half the reason I bought number 2. Yes the rest of the game is great, but the whole ENORMOUS boobies type thing has never been my go.

    But wait, you only get Yoda on the 360 and Vader on the PS3 version? As mind blowingly awesome as this could have been, I'll pass : \

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