Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes Designer Strikes Back

Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes Designer Strikes Back

vanguard1.jpgVanguard: Saga of Heroes was meant to be the World of Warcraft killer – much like Warhammer Online is supposed to be now.

When Vanguard came out, it didn’t make a massively stellar impact. The game was buggy and incomplete, and eventually, developer Sigil was chopped to bits.

If you thought everything was done and dusted however – think again. Designer Vincent Napoli recently posted on the Fires of Heaven message board – a Vanguard community site – about his very personal experiences on working on the game.

From the post:

Brad Mcquaid didn’t do shit. (News Flash?) He’s had an opiate addiction for years now, which only got progressively worse as the project failed. His cumulative face time with sigil designers in the most crucial final years of development? Approx: 15 minutes. And some of the time was spent begging for legitimately acquired narcotics (Or in times of desperation, jacking them from people’s desk).

The lead designers didn’t do shit. (News Flash?) Sigil fired all of their golden-boy, EQ-Genius designers (Save One) who this board once speculated simply “left.” It wasn’t even secretive. It all happened on the same day.

Apparently the post is a response to a GameSpy article on gaming’s biggest disappointments in 2007.

And accepting the award… [Fires of Heaven via Blue’s News]


  • This is definitely a scathing report on what happened behind the scenes, if it is in fact true. It’s not hard to believe anyway…

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