Video Game Inspired Mural: Now With Unicorns!

8bitmural.jpg Whilst trudging through the rainy streets of San Francisco looking for an apartment, I decided to stroll down Clarion Alley in the Mission. I always like Clarion. It was a bit skeevy but people had decorated the whole thing with murals and it was always fun to head down there and have a little solitary street art time. Imagine my surprise when I turned the corner and the alley, still completely janky, was filled with people checking out the art. Seven years really changes things apparently. But, as I continued down I happened to see these two great video game inspired murals painted on two side by side garage doors. Personally, I prefer the first to the second (which you can see after the jump). It really makes me want to know when someone is going to make the shooting rainbow unicorns game.8bitmural2.jpg


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