Video Games Ready To Pwn Recession?

79188109.jpgWith the word "recession" silently pursed on everyone's lips, it's surprising to groups like Nintendo and Microsoft, dancing around in a full hoot and holler, banging pots with spoons in celebration of their profits. So BloggingStocks points out that, hey, maybe the modern video game market is recession-proof. During a time when people might not buy a $US 20,000 car, consoles appear to fall in a pricepoint sweetspot while offering many hours of entertainment for the investment (and to a heavy gamer, that can be far more hours a week than even a car to a heavy commuter).

But does this mean games are really recession-proof? While it's tough to imagine Nintendo doing much better, one has to wonder if the crazy numbers we're seeing in the video game industry could be even bigger in different circumstances, fueled in part by an American economy running a higher level of octane.

Can Nintendo withstand a recession? [BloggingStocks via Maxconsole] [gettyimages]


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