Video Games Reincarnated as Board Games

pic34942_md.jpg Some people like video games. Some people like board games. Some people like both. For those, there's the video game board game adaptation. Some of these have been more successful than others in bringing the spirit of the game to the tabletop. Others were simply churned out for a quick buck. Blog Yehuda points out:

The bad news is that many of these games are pretty much now loss leaders to get people to buy into the video game with little originality or creativity. Witness the large number of new and useless CCGs based on recent video games, included in the packaging or given away at conventions.

The site has done an admirable job of noting the adaptations. Swing by and check it out. I remember having the Centipede and the Donkey Kong board games.
Based on Video Games [Yehuda via Boing Boing]


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