Wales Businessman Screws Gamers

Angry UK shoppers are on the hunt for a Cardiff, South Wales after he failed to deliver a slew of Wii in time for Christmas, ic Wales reports.

It sounds like the customers were left high and dry after ordering some of the Nintendo consoles and a bunch of Playstation 2 games through a Cardiff-based internet site called This is the sort of thing that is bound to happen, I suspect, when people order one of the hot holiday items.

How do private sellers stack up for you guys? Has anyone here ordered video games or consoles through eBay or their ilk?

No sign of internet conman [ic Wales]


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    I have at various times in the past purchased the following video game consoles through eBay:
    • A new US-NTSC PS2
    • A new JP v1.0 PSP
    • A new JP pink DS (It was for the missus, I swear!)

    Each of these were purchased from private sellers and I didn't have any problem getting them back to Australia*.

    * with the exception of the PS2, which disappeared in transit for a fortnight.Thankfully I had shipping insurance so I was refunded the cost - was and quite pleasantly suprised when it turned up on my doorstep a month or so later.

    I am a proponent of Internet shopping; but with stories like this I can understand some people's jitters.

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