Want Rez HD Free?

rez_hd_contest.jpgIf 800 Microsoft Points is "too much" for a hi-def remake of one of the best video games of all time, by all means, go ahead and register to win one of fifty copies of Rez HD. It's no skin off my back if you want to fill out a registration form at the official Rez HD site and skirt the payment, you cheap son of a bitch. However, if you do have the gall to weasel your way into a free code for the Xbox Live Arcade version, do me a favor and don't tick the radio button on the survey that says "I'm a fan of Tetsuya Mizuguchi" because you'll be lying. The man's got kids to feed and you're trying to shortchange him and the rest of the underpaid Q Entertainment staff. People like you make me sick.

Rez HD Official Site


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