Weekend Note: Home

To: Ash and Luke
From: Flynn
Subject: So that's what my bed feels like...

Ahoy gents! Well it's finally happened, I went and found an apartment. Last night, for the first time in five months I actually slept in my own bed. Now I get to attend to the exciting task of unpacking all my stuff, some of it I haven't seen since I got blown out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina over two years ago. Now that I'm settled in SF, it feels like I have finally come back home for good.

Some things you might have missed this weekend:

These guys played 48 hours of Zelda for Charity.

McWhertor talked to John Kolle about the future of the PSP.

It's time to get fat!

And now my fair fellows, I depart to unearth more forgotten about knick knacks. Hell, I might even lay in bed and read a book! Hope you have a great week, goodnight.


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