Weekend Note: Rainy Days and Mondays

To: Ash and Luke
From: Flynn
Subject: I hate wet socks

Ahoy gents! It has been a rainy weekend here in San Francisco. Every time I've gone out I've come home with my pants soaked to the knee and I think I've gone through about six pairs of socks. Something about wearing wet socks and shoes just sucks my soul. Most of the rest of my weekend has consisted of watching episodes of Trailer Park Boys and more tedious unpacking of boxes. There were however some interesting things going on this weekend. For instance:

I got a triple vibrating hands-on with Rez HD
Cooper Lawrence took back what she said about Mass Effect on Fox News
A Metal Gear Solid Collection for PS2 has appeared for pre-order.

Now I am off to have some dinner and play No More Heroes which has been sitting unopened on the plastic box that is serving as my desk for the last four days. Hope you guys have a great week. Goodnight!


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