Weekend Note: That New City Smell

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To: Ash & Luke
From: Flynn
Subject: Weird weekend

Ahoy, gents! I hope this first weekend of the new year finds you well. The weather her in SF has been really bad over the past few days so I haven’t been going out much. However, I did go to this bar last night where they had some game stations set up so that was a good time. Other than that there’s not too much to report from my end. Still plugging away looking for an apartment and settling into the city. So, on to far more interesting things.

Sony officially announced that Skype is coming to the PSP

I hate the Family Circus. Apparently, so do a lot of people.

New Line Cinema went Blu-ray and the HD DVD Group cancelled their CES press conference

No More Heroes gets its launch date moved up! Imagine that.

A kid asked his dad to shoot him and he did. An Xbox was involved. Kind of.

It was definitely an interesting mix of information and oddities. A bizarre weekend of news to be sure. Fortunately for you, the news from CES should be pouring in any time now and you’ll have loads to write about. Well, I’m off to dinner. Hope you guys have a great week. Goodnight!

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