Wha, People Still Get DS Lite Hinge Cracks?!

7w6kj81.jpg DS hinge cracks? That's so 2006. Or is it? In the last day or so, we've gotten emails from readers stating that it is still apparently a problem. Kotaku reader John/RickD39 sent us the above pic, while another reader named Kai had his DS Lite crack for the third time. According to Kai, Nintendo told him it will replace Lite cracks once and have corrected its manufacturing process. We're not sure if these are isolated incidents. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't. So! Time for a quick show of hands. Anyone else recently get hinge cracks on newly purchased or fixed DS Lites?


    I got mine in Decemper 2007...


    The top screen dosn't lock into any postion so i have to hold it up with my finger when i use it !

    Has any one had any luck getting this fixed?

    The cracks and broken DS Lites are not due to abuse or dropping as suggested by many. They are due to the hinge mechanism in the DS Lite. This small black barrel shaped mechanism gradually gets stiffer and stiffer with use and eventually becomes so stiff that the whole barrel mechanism begins to rotate inside the plastic shell rather than click open as it should. Prior to the hinge breaking off, you can see the plastic bulging as you open it. Eventually the plastic gives way and the crack appears and in some cases the whole corner of the DS shell breaks off completely. Replacing the shell with a shock case or other after market replacement only lasts for a short time because you still have to use the stiff hinge barrel that was the cause of the problem in the first place. What would be wonderful is if you could buy new hinge mechanisms along with the replacement shell cases. For info, I have 5 DS Lites and all are broken in exactly the same place. The replacement shells last about 6 months in my daughters hands before they break.

    Got mine in january 08 and my right hinge cracked in september 08....When I called Nintendo they told me it was my fault and that it would cost me $50 to get it fixed....Its still under warranty!!! :(

    i got a cracked hinge too and mine's the crimson/black one. how do i get this repaired if we dont have a service center here in our country?

    2009 and the cracks still happen
    my DS is cracked on both sides.

    I put some velcro on my DS and another piece on a strap that loops to the back of the DS. That holds it in place so that the top screen doesn't limp back down.

    Mine just broke yesterday (2/Mar/09).
    Unit is over 1 yo but wasn't abused at all.
    I must say it's either manufacturing defect or design flaw.

    Just got my DS lite (Black and Blue) from my gf for christmas 08 and already to my horror i have a hinge crack on the right side. the whole reason i even got a second DS was because my first one failed due to the same issue (cept on the right side) with the hinge. I thought the crack on my old one wouldnt be an issue if i left it alone but eventually it jus stopped working alltogether. thanks nintendo u ruin my life...

    I have the same problem, my DS lite had a cracked hinge then about3 days later it stopped working. I wondering if i should get a DS lite or a DSI...

    My DS cracked too but, does anyone know if the orignal DS don't crack

      As far as I know of, the originals don't break nearly as easily. I was in an accident while riding my bike years ago, and my DSoriginal flew right out of my pocket and slammed into the post office building that I had the accident right by... Never broke and still worked without any problems (the screens never even got damaged!). The impact was hard enough for both my DS and GBA games to pop out. Don't know if it still works now seeing as how it was stolen a little over a year ago. -_-

      Now I have to deal with my cobalt DS Lite and it's crack... I've been very careful with not making it worse, as much as possible. I can't exactly afford a new one quite yet. D:

    Just had mine fail while playing Pokemon HeartGold... it's about two or three years old, I forget.

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