What Are You Playing This Weekend?

rez_ps2_wayptw.jpgWith Rez HD arriving on Xbox Live Arcade next week, it's time to give my PlayStation 2 copy the send-off. A quick 30-minute play through of the original should do the trick, but maybe I'll cut loose and play in Morolian form. Something zany! No, I can't be tamed, as this is how I've chosen to live my life. I've also got an Advance Wars: Days of Ruin campaign to finish, so if you need to use the bathroom on Saturday, let me know ahead of time. Speaking of, need to get that friend code out there. Find some Kotakuites to beat up on. :)

Oh, must remember to invest in PixelJunk Monsters, too. And No More Heroes. Damn this economic slowdown! What are you playing this weekend, ladies and gentlemen?


    Call of Duty 4 (as always!) Uncharted, and I finally got a new video card for my PC and treated myself to TF2, so that will get some heavy playtime over the Australia day long weekend.

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