What Are Your Gaming Resolutions For 2008?

baby_new_year.jpgSome of the Kotaku staff, those who live in the future, have already rung in 2008. But many of us in the tower are anxiously awaiting a thrilling night in of TV watching, complete with copious amounts of sparkling, non-alcoholic cider enjoyed in our footie pajamas. Fifteen minutes of partying, then we head off to bed around 12:01 AM and wait for the sun to rise to get started on our chores. While we wait for New Year's Eve festivities, resolutions are being made—get that third nipple removed, finally cancel our subscription to Grit magazine, and spend more time gaming!

Personally, I'm going to make the effort to play more with my friends, wherever they may be. A multi-hour session of Team Fortress 2 that's due to happen as you read this with two of my best friends will make sticking to that one a bit easier. I'm also planning on spending less, buying only exactly what I plan to play and leaving nothing in the shrinkwrap. There will be more downloadable gaming in my future, more online gaming and more attention paid to indie and homebrew wares.

Let us know what you've got planned for a self-improved 2008, whether it's less fanboyism, more time with your SNES or even the shedding of that unsightly 80 pounds gained at college.


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