What The Hell Happened to Die Hard?

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To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Today is Coming of Age Day in Japan, so it’s a national holiday. I blogged half a day, spent the rest with the fam. We went to a diner (Skylark), had lunch and then went shopping. Bought a bunch of Pokémon related stuff. So I’ll be posting some of that tomorrow.

We’re watching Die Hard 4.0 right now. What the hell happened to that series. They really lost me at the third one, and the fourth one is pretty rotten. Everything that was great about the first (or even the second) has been long beaten out of the franchise. A shame.

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  • You are insane!

    Die Hard 4.0 is awesome, man. How could you not love Bruce Willis driving a rig up a concrete path, being attacked by a jet and then destroying it, jumping on to it and then surfing it to the ground and jumping off as a fireball engulfs the screen. It’s pure John Mclaine action.

    Granted, 3 was pretty poor. But the movie is filled with action, John McLaine, fight scenes where Bruce kicks ass, he kills a helicopter with a car because he runs out of bullets!

    Come onnnn. I think you are being too judgmental. Die Hard is all about action mixed with John Mclaines unique hardened comedy. And it mixes it perfectly.

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