What’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online Like? Eh…

What’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl Online Like? Eh…
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colosseum-picture-2.jpg Back before Super Smash Bros. Brawl was released, footage of Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Kyoto and SSBB developer Sora in Tokyo playing each other online surfaced. The online aspect of the game looked very smooth with no lags whatsoever. I’m assuming it is smooth. Assume because I haven’t been able to clock a single online brawl. Hello Xbox Live circa 2002.

Sure, the interface is nice and all, but in the last a hour and a half, I’ve logged on almost twenty times. I have connected to the game’s servers, and I have picked my character and battle stage. But, the game hasn’t been able to find me a single partner to play against. It searches and searches and then knocks me offline. That’s if I’m lucky and actually able to connect. More often than not, it won’t let me connect. At all. It’s a lot of hassle and not exactly the online experience we’ve become accustomed to with Xbox Live and the PSN.

Imagine if the entire population of China decided to try to squeeze into the Colosseum. That could very well be what’s happening to the game’s servers as everyone in Japan tries to fire up an online match. Granted, this also could very well be a connection problem on my end, and I’m simply bitching and moaning. But, I’ve been connected via WiiFi for a coupla days now, no problem whatsoever. I’ve gone back through to check if my connection is sound (it is) and have been able to successfully log on the internet via the Wii.

Perhaps Nintendo should’ve eased into online gaming, instead of ambitiously diving in head first with its biggest title. Even Microsoft, a computer software computer with a sizable infrastructure, had difficulties at first. If there are issues, will Nintendo get them fixed? Definitely. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Super Smash Bros. Brawl online. So why’d Nintendo think it was?


  • It takes a few days from releasing a Nintendo online enabled title before the servers are all normal. It happened with Strikers Charged. Nothing to worry about. It -literally- just came out after all.

  • They didn’t dive head first. There’s Tetris DS, Mario Kart DS, and Metroid Prime Hunters, right? And I can’t complain about them. There has to be another reason.

    Smash Bros X has a really limited supply right now, and it’s only Japan for the moment. Maybe everyone’s busy trying to unlock Sonic and Snake, or they’re still setting up the servers. You can’t make a server in a day (unless you have several cans of some random energy drink).

  • “Perhaps Nintendo should’ve eased into online gaming, instead of ambitiously diving in head first with its biggest title.”
    I thought they did? Gamecube modem plus > DS Wifi gaming > Wii Internet support > Wii online gaming.

  • We got ssbb at midnight and we still cant seem to play anyone online what the hell. Is anyone else having this problem or what. I can get connected but I never get to play anyone I can only get to where you punch the bag and after a few minutes it just says connection lost.

  • I’ve had the US import for a month or two, similarly having problems with finding people online. Managed a few Brawls, but mostly it just seeks for people. I imagine with the Aus release there should be more available players about…

  • iv got brawl in aus it finds people and all but it laggs so much u take 1 step and takes like 10 seconds to move.ive only had some good brawl macths but when four people are found its like to ard for the wii to catch up so yer

  • the online play is incredibly laggy and has absolutely nothing to do with skill. im pretty pissed i spent 50 dollars to connect my wii to the internet only to keep playing the way ive been. i might as well just take my adaptor back

  • I’ve had the same problem, sorry SSBros just isn’t a good online game. I have’nt played a single match without it freezing then aborting. I called nintendo not for a refund cause i love the game but to ask what the problem was and they were like ahh we never heard this before um um um maybe um ahh. I think if i were 5 i would’ve still known i was being lied to. Just give up the online play, Mario kart on the other hand was beautifully made, i’d kiss the ppl that made that even the online play is orgasmic, except for the loser hackers that think is cool to throw dozens of blue shells. Take a break hackers and finish j/o in your mom’s basement loser get a job and some proactive. I love nintendo keep it up im not mad at on bruised apple.

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