Why Oh Why Can't Games Meet Release Dates?

galleon.jpg They say patience is a virtue. If so, it's one gamers have had wrenched from their clammy fists years ago. Delays for major games are about as common these days as a brown sci-fi landscape, which makes nobody happy, but did you ever wonder just why so many games see their release dates slip, and slip, and slip? A CVG article has quizzed the devs behind some of history's more notorious culprits (Galleon, STALKER), which provides us with some handy excuses as to why their particular projects went through development hell. Sadly, the piece only briefly touches on what's probably the most broken aspect of the whole shebang: the effect marketing departments have on the problem by announcing early, bogus dates. They believe a delayed game builds excitement, whereas I've always thought a delayed game does nothing but antagonise and create unrealistic expectations. But hey, what do I know, I don't work in marketing.
Hot Dates [CVG]


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